5 Ways to Get Rid of Negative Energy

Every single one of us from time-to-time experiences a “bad day”. May it be trigged by people, circumstances, or just simply waking up on the wrong foot, bad days can lead to a bad week, a bad month, or unfortunately sometimes even a bad year if we don’t take the time to clear out negative energy that may be lingering with us and affecting our day to day life.

I know from my own experiences, sometimes even a single person’s negativity would affect me for the whole day. I’m not sure if I’m just one of those extra sensitive people that takes on everyone’s energy like its my own, but this used to be a big problem in my life until I began to find my own personal ways of dealing with negativity, negative people, or situations that were beyond my control.

Now of course, every situation is different. There are times when you may need a hot shower and long run to clear your head, but there may also be times when you need to scream into a pillow and punch the punching bag a few times. Clearing negative energy can be done through many ways and sometimes the best way will clearly speak to you upon every specific situation.

If you are faced with negativity, try the following 5 tricks to help you let go and release whatever it is that can potentially affect your week, month, or even year.

Create A Spiritual Escape Within Your Own Bathtub

Run a hot bath. Fill it with some epson salt to help relieve tension and inflammation in the body from stress. Turn off all the lights, light many candles, play some beautiful peaceful music, and allow yourself to completely let go of all your worries and stress. Take a couple of very deep breathes, allowing yourself to become heavier with each exhale, and sink deeper into your beautiful bathtub oasis.       


Sweat It Out

Sweating is a great way to release endorphins, any pent up negative energy, or frustration. Go for a 15-20 minute run, do a fitness youtube video, or take a boxing class. Clear your head by focusing on your body, sweating out bad energy, and dedicating some time to your own personal well-being.     


Meditative Shower With Spiritual Soap

Shower cleansing meditations are one of my favourite rituals. Anytime I feel like I’ve been around too much negativity, I make sure to hop into the shower. Shower meditations are a great way to release negative energy that you may feel upon your body, mind, and soul. I love to include different organic handmade spiritual soaps (you can find a great selection online) to help myself wash any tension away. Soaps that contain sage are always great for washing off negativity. As you take your shower, start by washing every part of your body with soap, affirming the release of all that no longer serves you. Start at your feet and work your way up. You may choose to think of the situation, person, or event that is bothering you. After you have finished with the soap, wash off every part of your body with the intention of letting the negativity leave your body and mind as the water washes the soap off and down the drain. Watch the water go down into the drain and affirm to let go of any negativity along with that water. Do that for as long as you like, taking deep breaths through the whole process.


Solo Yoga 

Taking a yoga class is always a great way to relax after a stressful day, however doing a yoga class solo (or with a video) allows you to truly let go without holding anything back. Letting go of stress, negativity, frustration, or even sadness very often can be achieved through a solo yoga class in your own comfortable surrounding. Often negative energy may leave you through tears or anger. If you have ever experienced emotional reaction in a yoga class, most likely it was pent up energy being released. Crying is not something we should suppress. Taking some time alone, doing some deep stretches, and breathing will allow your body and mind to release energy the way it flows naturally to you that day, weather it be through screaming or tears.

Clean Your Space, Sage Yourself & The House

Your personal space plays a very important part in keeping you feeling calm, peaceful, and happy. If you come home feeling irritated, stressed, or negative, take 20-30 minutes to clean and refresh your home. Not only is cleaning a great way to release negative energy, but creating structure and freshness can help you feel comfortable, peaceful, and safe. If you feel there was a negativity within your home, burn some sage in each room, open the windows, and allow for the negative energy to leave your home.


Source: BohoBeautiful.Life

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