1. Less driving tickets. In yoga we learn to slow down and be present. On the road this could mean less road rage and bad driving decisions which means a happy driving record and wallet. 
  2. Less Medical Bills. Yoga is a form of self-care. It is said to help reduce stress which can be so harmful to our immune systems. A bad immune system means that we are more prone to sickness. No one likes doctors visits. When we do yoga, we generally pay attention to our health and that means fewer medical bills.
  1. No costly gym memberships. I know there are a lot of posh yoga studios but if you are looking to save some money, yoga is something you can do at home for FREE. If you need guidance from a teacher there are so many great Youtube videos that you can pop up on the TV. I promise it can be just as good!
  1. Shop less. When we are feeling down many of us resort to buying things to make us feel better about life. I’ve learned that the more yoga I do, the less “stuff” I need to feel happy and fulfilled. I don’t need a day at the spa or a psychotherapist to validate my worth.
  1. Conserve. One of the tenants of yoga is ahimsa, which means non-harming. We do less harm to ourselves and the environment when we use fewer resources. The more we can conserve, the less we spend! 



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