Chakra Balancing and Mindfullness Meditation

Mindful meditation, better known as mindfulness meditation, is the practice of being completely present and engaged in the moment. It’s a state of heightened awareness of what is going on right now, as opposed to the usual human habits of thinking ahead to the future or wallowing in the past.

It is also a way to heal the chakras, because in this state of stability, calm and awareness, we are in harmony with the Source Energy. In this state, there is no resistance due to limiting and disempowering beliefs or negative emotions that hinder the flow of energy through the chakras.

Mindfulness practice is simple, but not easy. It takes practice to Be Here Now.

1. Set the stage: Make your meditation place special. A truly private hideaway is great, but any space will do as long as you feel at peace there and disturbances are minimized. If you feel agitated in any way in a particular space in your home, do not meditate there (in fact, take the opportunity to clean the space and clear it of negative energy – all the while being mindful of what you are doing and not allowing your thoughts to wander).

2. Start small. It takes a lot of effort at first to be completely present and not let your mind think about the past or future (or even what is going on right now someplace else). Start with 5-10 minutes.

3. Commit to being disciplined. That means, don’t allow yourself to become frustrated when your mind wanders, but gently and persistently bringing it back to your point of focus. Just that simple act is mindfulness meditation!

4. Sit up! The mind/body is a single entity so how you sit, matters. Energy flows better when the spine is erect and unsupported. If you can’t meditate cross-legged or in Lotus, even on a meditation cushion, that’s okay. You can use a chair – just be sure you sit upright and don’t slouch.

5. As you relax, become mindful of your body. Inhabit it! Become attuned to whatever sensations your body is having at the moment.

6. Your eyes should be open, but your gaze is soft and not focused on anything. Do not let your eyes wander and do not pay attention to anything around you. The point is to train the mind to ignore distractions, so by meditating eyes-open, you purposefully control your focus even though you’re receiving sensory information. It’s just like when you’re super-absorbed in a favorite pastime – your senses are engaged, but completely focused on what you’re doing: the sound of the doorbell doesn’t register in your mind, you don’t feel fatigue or hunger, etc.

7. Think of the movement of your breath as the movement of thoughts through your mind. In they come, out they go. So practice breath meditation as the first step to mindfulness. Notice the whole feeling of the breath. Just let yourself breathe as you are and don’t try to control it in any way. With each breath you become more relaxed; just get into the experience and forget everything else. If you want, you can breathe into each chakra, starting with the root chakra and working your way up to the crown chakra. This will promote energy flow through your body.

8. Ah, but those pesky thoughts… they will intrude! Whatever thought comes up, acknowledge that you are having it and say, “Not now.” You can promise yourself before you start meditating that you will deal with whatever thoughts come up, but AFTER your meditation. Just “not now” – to every thought, no matter how practical, urgent, spiritual, inspiring, etc. NOT NOW.

If you do get lost in thought, snap out of it as fast as you become aware that you’re lost in it. Saying “thinking” is a good way to label what you are doing, and it gives you an opportunity to let the thought go and bring your focus back to your breath.

With practice, you’ll be able to be more mindful in everyday tasks. Try being mindful when you wash dishes (by hand); make it a full-on sensory experience. The same goes for mowing the lawn, walking the dog, paying your bills, etc. The more “here and now” you are, the calmer, more alert and more productive you will be.

And remember, your chakras all benefit from mindfulness. Life force energy flows freely when you’re unencumbered by negative thoughts and emotions!

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